Vote on or before May 21, 2024. Look for ballot position # 21.

Since the last election, I began thinking about what I could do to become more active in a range of local issues. I felt that since becoming a city official was the goal I should look at things from their perspective along with the public. What I have learned throughout this process is that there are so many variables that can keep change or progress from happening. It could be a result of a lack of action or communication from the government, the public, or both. It is also necessary to consider outside, unforeseen, and even overlooked factors. Although we all may play a significant role in the outcome when we elect someone we are putting our trust in them to mitigate problems and change people's lives for the better.

When I reflect on the past water rate increase and take inventory of where we are today I still believe we all deserve better. Our city is a member of the Kentucky League of Cities and we could have used their meeting facilitation service to help have a public discussion between elected officials, staff, and the entire community outside of council meetings. Another service they provide we could benefit from is complex problem-solving. It could help provide a better explanation of where efforts failed before and where they are focused now. As of today, when you visit the water department's website you will discover no meeting minutes or videos from that time frame or up until now are available to review. A records request may be helpful but will only render results on what is asked for and not contain confidential info.

Over a year has passed and we are still left with unmet expectations. An audit was not proven essential and no decision-makers were held accountable for anything. True they are taxpayers as well but leaders also look out for those they lead. Let us not forget that this didn’t happen over a short time frame. Raising taxes should never be the default answer but sometimes there may be no other choice. Waiting over ten years to do so merits questions about lack of foresight especially with continuous growth. That is why now more than ever we need to elect someone who is not a lifelong resident or has not lived here more than a decade. This perspective is lacking and we could all benefit from this type of representation.

Sure no one person is to blame but I can tell you if I served as an official over that time frame or even if I didn’t have much or anything to do with it I would take some responsibility for it.  At the very least give an apology and come up with a way I can individually help make things better. Our municipal code details that the Mayor will maintain files for boards they appoint people to and information contained in it will reflect board membership and meeting minutes. This information exists and needs to be seen more than just when it is asked for. I understand the difference between legislative and executive functions. I also will not be easily swayed to give a yes vote if I do not have what I need to make an informed decision. 

That goes for anything I will be giving my approval to. You can be assured that I will not just go with the flow just because it is easier to do so. I will do my research and when I vote yes it will also be something I am also ready to be accountable for. I strongly believe we are letting our past continue to impact our present. When it was evident that the new rate increase proposal was going to be approved at the next meeting the crowds began to trickle down. Before the official vote was taken I chose to speak with the Council during public comments. I understood what they were up against and a decision had to be made but I also stressed we needed to act with the same sense of urgency on matters that affect this issue. I see efforts being made but we can always improve and I hope my passion will inspire others to act.